Kaysar evicted unanimously after apologizing to America; Janelle is new HOH

One week after he re-entered the house, a unanimous vote sent him back out of the house. Right before he left, Kaysar apologized to us. “I handed over the HOH, and in turn, now, I’m being voted out, and for that I’m truly sorry,” he said. Later, he told Julie, “I wanted to play the game a certain way, and that’s how I ended up leaving.”

To their credit, producers showed some of the meltdown, although it was heavily focused on Howie. He really flipped out, but told us this was strategy, and it completely worked, as April broke down.

You know the house has completely gone insane when Ivette is the only one who sounds rational. Oddly, confinement seems to have made Ivette smarter and the others stupider. “It’s very easy to fall apart in this house. And I’ll be damned if we lose this game or we lose focus because of personal attacks,” Ivette said as she tried to hold her team together.

That won’t be possible, though, as Janelle won the HOH competition, and nominated Jennifer and Maggie for eviction. (After Janelle won, Jennifer threw the key to the ground, and Janelle gave her the finger. Glad to see everyone’s getting along.) Julie did say that there will be a veto competition before Saturday’s elimination, but most likely one of the Good Ship Friendship will become the first jury member on Saturday.

Right before the credits rolled, and right after Janelle made her nominations, we had a great moment in live TV, as Janelle said, “Bye, bye, bitches.”

“Despicable!” [CBS]