Kaysar evicted; viewers will vote to return an evicted houseguest to the house

A week after flipping the Big Brother 6 game, Kaysar was evicted from the house last night.

But it may not even matter, because an evicted houseguest will return to the house next week, and we get to decide who that is. Unlike past America’s choice questions (“Should we give the houseguests a toaster, an alarm clock, or a Magic 8 ball?”), this one actually will affect the game.

Only Kaysar, Eric, and Michael–who’ve been sequestered, as it seemed–are eligible to return; Julie explained that “Ashlea left sequester so she is no longer eligible to come back to the game.”

Vote online at CBS.com, or send a 49 cent text message to CBSTV (22788) with the number 1 for Michael, 2 for Eric, or 3 for Kaysar. You can vote until Wednesday at 12 p.m. PT.

Unless America is as stupid as Ivette, the houseguest who returns will probably be Kaysar or Eric. I’m campaigning for Kaysar, because there’s now an intelligence vacuum in the house with him gone. And if he walked through the door, it’d cause half the house to all but drop dead. Plus, as much as I hate the alleged “good guys'” crying over “Cappy,” their disappointment is worth having to put up with their whining.

Also during last night’s episode, Howie became the new head of household after a game that allowed the houseguests to eliminate one another; thus, the game is back in the hands of Kaysar’s alliance. And the production crew is busy digging up pictures of boobies to decorate the head of household room with.

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