Kaysar-themed banner flies over the Big Brother house

Yet another banner has flown over the Big Brother 6 house. TVgasm has a photo of the banner that makes the Loch Ness Monster photo look like a Sears portrait, but reports that the banner said,


As usual, the houseguests were ordered inside so they couldn’t see the banner, because producers certainly couldn’t allow the audience to influence the game.

Over on Joker’s Updates, a poster named HowieCane claims credit and laments the fact that the expense was for nothing: “I paid over $800 to have my banner fly over the house today and they called a lockdown! I just wasted my money!” HowieCane wrote.

Clearly, it’s time to resurrect the shouting-over-the-walls strategy used during season two.

Update: Apparently, HowieCane was responsible for a different, second banne targeting Ivette that flew over the house–and which was also probably not seen by the houseguests.

Kaysar: Still Flying High! [TVgasm]