Jennifer wins Head of Household; petition wants producers to give Kaysar immunity

After 12 hours in a terrarium with her finger on a button, Jennifer won head of household. She wouldn’t, however, have won if Kaysar hadn’t given up. He did so after Jennifer promised to nominate two members of her alliance in order to back-door James (nominating him after the veto ceremony, not, you know, back-dooring him). Of course, Jennifer instantly broke her promise, nominating Janelle and Rachel. The plan is still, apparently, to nominate James after anyone wins the power of veto, but we’ll see what really happens.

On a related note, some Kaysar fans are petitioning CBS to give him immunity this week. Changing the rules in the middle of the competition would certainly not be unusual, since the producers do it constantly. This effort, however, is moronic. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big Kaysar fan, and appreciate what he’s brought to the game. But making a rule just to keep us happy destroys the spirit of the game. We won when Kaysar returned; if his game play means he leaves the house next Thursday, be happy you got an extra week, since he was already evicted once.

So far, more than 8,000 misguided people have signed the petition, threatening CBS (“I will no longer watch the show if he is evicted”) and making promises that will clearly never be kept (“I won’t ever watch BB6 or any future BB if Kaysar goes”).

Oh, please: You know you’d watch even if the house was empty.

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