Eric’s answers in an interview suggest he may be sequestered

In a post-exit interview, Big Brother 6‘s Eric Littman doesn’t say much of anything that’s new. But the way he answered one question suggests that he might be sequestered. That would support rumors that the entire crew will return — maybe to re-enter the house, or maybe to vote for the winner, not just a “jury” of the last few houseguests to be evicted. asked Eric, “Do you think your family has been watching?” Note that the question suggests he doesn’t know the answer, because he hasn’t yet talked to them. Eric answered, “I think that’s an understatement. If I know my wife Julie, who’s very passionate, she was probably throwing things at the TV!” His answer seems to confirm that he hasn’t talked to his wife. And one would imagine that an evicted houseguest would talk to their family before doing an interview with a web site.

By the way, failed to ask Eric about his own betrayal of James and his deception, but Eric is clearly still bitter about being burned by Kaysar: ” Of course, this is a game of deception and lies, but when somebody swears on their life, especially a man of religion… that’s something that maybe I took for granted.”

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