Big Brother live feeds blocked to protect results, but accidentally reveal that Jennifer was evicted

In order to keep the results of Saturday’s episode of Big Brother 6 secret, the live feeds have been blocked since yesterday.

CBS released a statement explaining the situation so feed watchers wouldn’t riot or go into convulsions from their sudden detox:

BIG BROTHER 6 24/7 is temporarily unavailable so that certain competitive results are not revealed in advance of Saturday’s broadcast. BIG BROTHER 6 24/7 will resume Saturday, August 20 at 9pm PT/12am ET

However, according to Jam! Showbiz’s John Powell, “Due to an intentional or accidental slip-up by the producers, the blackout on the ‘Big Brother’ feeds was reportedly lifted for less than a minute or so on Friday night.” That revealed the results of tonight’s eviction, which has already aired on the east coast (and now, the west coast).

Apparently, becoming HOH is nearly lethal. Well, that and being a patalogical liar.

Jennifer was evicted from the house by a vote of 5 to 1, and became the first member of the jury. But first, Janelle won the power of veto, and shockingly decided to save one of the Friendship passengers. Janelle vetoed her own nomination of Maggie, and put Ivette up against Jennifer to ensure that Jennifer would go home.

Beau won Head of Household, so he’ll now be forced to actually start playing the game rather than just vacationing inside the house.

Alas, producers went with Julie Chen instead of a Dustbuster, and she guided the houseguests through the voting and elimination process, which didn’t occur live.

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