“DOR” banner flies over Big Brother house

And it has happened. Someone hired a plane to tow a banner over the Big Brother 6 house, and it flew this afternoon around 3 p.m. PT.

Reportedly, the banner said something like,

J-Blo & Yapril – America wants your DOR

“DOR” means “departure on request”; in other words, the houseguest leaves voluntarily. Although the producers were asking for us to influence the game less than two weeks ago, they instantly ordered a lockdown in the house to try to prevent the houseguests from seeing it.

Still, Maggie and James may have seen the last part of the banner, the DOR, but not the rest. And “Big Brother” is living up to his name by prohibiting the houseguests from even talking about it. (Where do they find these producers? Fascists.)

A poster on Joker’s Updates may have been responsible; yesterday she posted that she “got approval to fly a banner tommorrow afternoon. The aerial company checked with the FAA and they were told no problem. They also told me that BB doesn’t have people staked out at the airport any longer.”

Update: A picture of the banner has surfaced. Suggestion: Next time, fly closer.