Big Brother 6 will have another double elimination week next week

If all goes well, we should lose two more hamsters next week, as CBS is planning another double elimination. Someone who reads Us Weekly tells me that the magazine reports in its current TV section that next Saturday night, another houseguest will walk.

Those viewers who can do simple math may have already figured out this was coming. That’s because there’s not enough time remaining to get rid of them all, unless one of the secrets is that one houseguest will mysteriously disappear in the middle of the night (cough, Ivette or April, cough).

Although there are only three Thursdays between now and the Sept. 20 finale, we still have seven houseguests. Even assuming three remain on Sept. 20, we’ll need to dump four before then. If we’ll go into the finale with just two houseguests left, there will have to be two double eliminations. I think. All of this math is making my head Ivette.

Update: Here’s what Us Weekly says about the episode:

The roomies evict one more cunning competitor on the reality hit tonight. (In case you’re counting, that’s the second person to go this week.) With the show’s new teammate format this season, host Julie Chen is feeling the heat. “The houseguests have twice as many reasons to play hard this year,”she informs US.