Kelly Clarkson accused of lip-synching at concert

Our first American Idol apparently has something in common with Ashlee Simpson: she’s been using “back-up” tracks, which was known in pre-spin days as lip-synching.

A review of Kelly’s recent Hershey, Penn., concert in The Patriot-News says Kelly had “a heavy reliance on back-up tracks” and “needs to remember that when you pull the microphone away from your mouth, all singing should cease.”

Reviewer Kristen Lauerman praises her “slower ballads” and says that “when she wasn’t relying on loud backing vocals, her voice was beautiful.” But she also says that “Stomping around the stage with bare feet, [Kelly] looked like a programmed robot.”

A rep at Kelly’s record label tells MSNBC’s Jeanette Walls that Kelly doesn’t use back-up tracks at all. “No, it’s just her,” Roger Widynowski said.

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