Welcome to the Neighborhood may still air on ABC

ABC’s pulled reality series Welcome to the Neighborhood may still be aired–on ABC.

While the Fox Reality Channel has offered to air the series, ABC won’t let it go. According to Variety, ABC’s entertainment president Steve McPherson said last week, “If I don’t think something should be aired, why would I sell it to somebody else? For financial gain or just to get it out there? That doesn’t make any (sense). If you don’t think something is responsible to be broadcast, why would you encourage it to be broadcast elsewhere?”

Despite this talk about responsibility, Variety says that “McPherson and other ABC insiders have insisted no final decision has been made on the skein’s future. In fact, it’s believed the net is still brainstorming about ways to present the show, perhaps in an edited form.”

That would please The Chicago Tribune’s Howard Witt, who happens to live in the neighborhood where the show was shot. In his essay, he reveals the winners, and says that “it’s a shame that America may never see this particular made-for-TV social experiment, because it provided a rare window into what our neighborhood, and to a large degree, the city of Austin, is really like.”

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