Trading Spaces stages a fight in Oak Park as part of a “fun” episode

Perhaps as part of its makeover that’s designed to help the show get better ratings, Trading Spaces is now staging scenes.

Three days after a man was murdered in an Oak Park, Ill., neighborhood, the show shot a fake confrontation in the street. Resident Manning Peterson writes in the Wednesday Journal that he saw a man “yelling at someone, extremely agitated. He storms across the street, turns in anger, and then yells something else. I am alarmed, afraid something else bad is about to happen. It is hot and we are all so stressed out…” He quickly learned that it was a shoot for Trading Spaces. Then, after the fight ended, a producer said, “That was great! Totally believable!”

The paper reported today that “The homeowners involved in the filming–on South Harvey and South Highland avenues–are also associated with Noble Fool, an improv comedy troupe.”

A TLC spokesperson said that in the “fun” episode, which will air Sept. 10, “Not everything is as it seems.”

Trading Spaces with Noble Fools? and As murder shakes up our quiet block, reality TV is an unwelcome intruder [Wednesday Journal]