Amazing Race 8 still in North America

The Amazing Race 8 hasn’t wandered very far away yet–perhaps because it is the family edition, and could feature cast members as young as 8 years old.

After the race showed up in New Jersey last week, and then in Alabama on Monday, reality blurred received a report that their next stop might be in Canada. Specifically, a reader spotted some race paraphernalia in Vancouver. The details:

I spotted an Amazing Race envelope station in downtown Vancouver (Canada) yesterday. Unsure when contestants were scheduled to ‘visit’ but the box was secured to a lamppost and padlocked. Specifically, it was near the steam clock in historic Gastown on Water Street.

Update, another Canadian reader reports that this isn’t for the CBS show, but a knock-off:

the box that is set up in gastown in Vancouver has nothing to do with the popular show but is part of a program called canadian outback and they offer a program for company outings called amazing race!

They do indeed: Here’s Canadian Outback’s Amazing Race. They also do a Survivor outing.