Rumor suggests “softened,” North America-contained Amazing Race 8 may get “canned”

Sightings of The Amazing Race 8 have occurred all over North America (like in New Jersey, Alabama, and Canada), and the race apparently hasn’t ventured outside that perimeter yet.

The Orange Country Register reports today that “it’s taking place only in North America.” The paper also suggests that “[t]he race is being softened up to accommodate the kids,” as this is a family edition with kids as young as eight.

However, according to a rumor posted by a past cast member, this race might never make it to the airwaves. The Amazing Race 6‘s Hera McLeod posted the following message at Survivor Sucks:

“From what I hear, they are having a lot of problems with it and it may actually not be a rumor that it all gets canned. (I can’t tell you my sources so don’t even ask!haha) Personally, I think it would be a blessing in disguise because TAR is not meant for children!”

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