Amazing Race 8 was in Alabama Monday

The Amazing Race 8 is spending an abnormal amount of time in the US. Last week, reality blurred reported that the show taped in New Jersey, a day after the race apparently began in New York. The production then moved on to South Carolina.

Today, there’s a report from Alabama that the show — the four-person, family edition — taped and had a pit stop in Huntsville. The Huntsville Times has a detailed report about the production’s visit to the area Monday. That was made possible because “Space Center officials were asked to sign $10 million confidentiality agreements with CBS but declined.”

One significant, spoiler-ish detail (stop reading if you’re easily freaked out): Of the 11 teams that started the race, somewhere between eight and 10 made it to Alabama, meaning one team like

From the paper’s report, here’s a real spoiler, revealing what the teams did (highlight to read):

Upon arriving at the Visitors Bureau, the contestants were given clues to find the Space Center. Once they found the museum, the teams went to Aviation Challenge for their first challenge that involved the centrifuge – an astronaut trainer that provides 3 1/2 to four Gs. After that, the contestants raced on foot to Rocket Park under the replica of the shuttle, where they were given clues to find a computer station inside the museum.

The teams completed their two challenges and then went to their rooms at the Huntsville Marriott. They were then given a 12-hour break before leaving Tuesday afternoon for their next challenge: Talladega.

‘Amazing Race’ makes pit stop at Space Center [The Huntsville Times]