The Amazing Race’s first season begins again tonight

GSN, aka the Game Show Network, is giving us a chance to watch the original season of The Amazing Race all over again. In advance of the DVD’s release, the network is reairing the first season, starting tonight. A new episode will air every evening at 9 p.m., and after the first season concludes, it’ll be followed by the other six seasons.

Television Without Pity’s Linda Holmes (aka Miss Alli) tells The Chicago Tribune why this is significant: “There are tons of people who came to this show in later seasons, and they’ve never seen these [early] episodes, because unlike dramas, reality shows don’t usually repeat and don’t hit syndication as quickly. For people who missed those seasons, it’s like an entire new season of the show is airing in the middle of the summer. It’s a huge thing for fans of the show who came in late.”

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