Some cast members of Survivor Guatemala revealed

The search for Survivor Guatemala cast members has revealed some unknown media whores–and two surprises.

Casting news generally isn’t really considered a spoiler, but if you’re easily freaked out, stop reading now.

Because among the people in Guatemala for the taping are Survivor Palau‘s Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard, who were both on the losing Ulong tribe. That’s according to Survivor Phoenix, which has revealed five cast members so far, with varying degrees of specificity.

The Orange County Register reports on these rumors, and notes that “Other Web reports have ‘Survivor: Australian Outback’ castaway Mike Skupin announcing that he had been asked to take part. … What’s not clear is whether past Survivors would simply be tribe members or would take some new role in the show.”

Production began in late June and will reportedly finish August 10.

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