Rock Star: INXS hyped with ambiguous Rock Star Go Home web site

Someone is trying really hard to get us to care what actually is; a cryptic press release and apparently mostly empty site are supposed to tempt us. I don’t have the patience to try to figure it out or care, since it’s mostly just an online promo for Mark Burnett’s forthcoming CBS series Rock Star: INXS.

But the site is continuing to hype itself by announcing that it will soon host a blog written by Stephen Perkins, of Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros. In a press release, Perkins said, “As for Rock Star Go Home, I have to be close-lipped about the site for now. But once it launches, that blog is my domain to offer up the good, the bad, the u-g-l-y.”

The site’s founder, Adam Pick, continues to be a big tease in the new release, saying “Like all great reality shows, there’s an excellent, counter-intuitive twist about to be unleashed.” Someone please wake me up when that happens.

By the way, helping to make this one of the most pre-whored shows in CBS’ history, the band has posted behind-the-scenes pictures on its web site.

Behind-the-scenes exclusive gallery []
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