Australians can vote on Rock Star: INXS; Idol producer working on the show

A few hours after CBS airs Rock Star: INXS in the US, Australians see the show that follows the Australian rock group’s search for a new lead singer. That means viewers there can vote for their favorites, and affect the outcome of the series. That’s “a first for an imported reality TV show,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The show also has its own Australian web site, so viewers can vote online, via text messages, or via their remote control. US viewers can vote online, via text messages, or via MSN Instant Messenger. Viewers in Canada and Asia can also vote.

Meanwhile, one of the producers of the new CBS series is an American Idol veteran. Executive producer David Goffin “was supervising producer on the first three seasons of Idol,” and disses his old home to the Orlando Sentinel. “There’s no story and character-building on Idol beyond the performances. You don’t know much about Carrie Underwood 15 weeks later. I know she has a great voice. That’s good enough for that show. But I want to go deeper,” he says.

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