reality blurred turns five tomorrow

It’s reality blurred‘s fifth anniversary today–well, technically, tomorrow, but I’m taking the weekend off to celebrate. Plus, I always take weekends off. Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads every day, and especially to all of you who’ve been with the site since the early, Tripod-hosted days of 2000. It’s been a crazy-ass ride.

On this occasion, an announcement: As its sixth year begins next week, reality blurred will move to a 24/7 publishing schedule. When I started this thing, Jim Romenesko was my only role model, because there were basically no other topic-specific blogs. He updated every morning; I followed in his footsteps. But it no longer makes sense for me to just update in the mornings, in no small part because some days I’d like to sleep in. Yes, I’m just figuring this out now.

Starting Monday, check back throughout the day–and during the weekends–for new news. This doesn’t mean I’m going to become a posting animal like those highly paid serfs in the Gawker media empire, so don’t expect posts every half-hour. There will be more frequent updates, but I still have an actual life to live and television to watch.

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