Kathy Hilton reportedly said “This show fucking sucks” during taping of tonight’s episode

NBC’s I Want to be a Hilton continues tonight, but if a gossip report is to be believed, the most interesting part of tonight’s episode probably won’t make it to the air. According to a “reliable” Gawker source, Kathy flipped out while tonight’s episode was being taped, admitting that “this show fucking sucks.”

The source tells Gawker,

“…during the taping last summer of the final ‘contest’ scene …, Kathy was whispering to the person sitting next to her (one of the previously ousted contestants) that ‘This show fucking sucks.’ It seems the torture of sitting through hours of watching a really boring taping of her really boring show was getting to her as well.

A few moments later, the source says that she was seen

“Getting up, walking in front of the cameras and out the door, and then proceeding to scream at some hapless victim outside the room at the top of her lungs — while her mic was still live. This caused a frantic scramble from the sound people to ‘cut her mic!’ They did, she came back in a few minutes later, sat down like nothing had happened, and proceeded to host her crapfest.

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