LOGO’s first reality series debuts tonight

LOGO, MTV Networks’ new gay and lesbian-themed cable channel, debuted on Friday, and tonight the network kicks off its first reality series at 10 p.m. ET. First Comes Love follows gay couples who plan and hold a wedding in just two weeks. Hosted by Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson, the series is an import from Canada.

Tonight’s episode focuses on a lesbian couple: “Debbie and Nikki met five years ago but it’s time to make the match official. Face the triumphs and hardships of joining two families together.”

The title for the series was initially My Fabulous Gay Wedding, but apparently that was too gay even for LOGO. Earlier, the AP reported that a network spokesperson said “[t]he title wasn’t changed to sidestep controversy, but rather to better reflect a show about relationships.”

First Comes Love [Logo]