Kristin says second Laguna Beach season will be “more … fun”

MTV’s Laguna Beach returns for a second season Monday, and “it’ll be more about having fun,” Kristin Cavallari tells the Ventura County Star. That’s “more … fun” than last season, which apparently wasn’t fun because of all of its deep philosophical discussions and its relentless focus on the periodic table of the elements.

Kristin, who told the paper that “she hopes the reality show will help her plans for an acting and broadcasting career,” says the show has “been the best experience of my life. It changed my life and I learned a lot about myself and people in general.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean she was happy with the editing. Even without interviews and other reality TV conventions–which Laguna Beach shuns in favor of a drama-like look and feel–Kristin says things weren’t always as they seemed. “I was definitely upset when I saw it,” she says. Among other things, she’s not rich or spoiled like those kids on the other OC show. “I think it’s a misconception. I do happen to live in an amazing place, but I don’t have a credit card. My dad … doesn’t give me money every time I ask for it.”

‘Laguna Beach’ will be a more fun place this year
[Ventura County Star]