E! debuts Kill Reality tonight

Think Project Greenlight plus The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, divided by Paradise Hotel, and you’ll understand what E!’s new reality show is all about.

Debuting tonight at 10 p.m. ET, Kill Reality is a series that follows the making of an original E! film that stars 12 former reality show cast members. The cast will live in a house together as they produce “The Scorned,” a horror movie that is about “a group of hot twentysomething couples who shack up together in a creepy abandoned beach house where some steamy–but also very strange–stuff is goin’ down.”

Survivor‘s Rob Cesternino tells us that the premiere episode includes some soon-to-be-classic moments, such as “some vintage Toni Ferrari moments as she decides to rewrite the script to give herself a better part.” He also says that “another reality star makes a suicide attempt.”

The New York Times says the show “is far too invested in the recording of self-destruction to be all that much fun.” But The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan says the show is “tremendously trashy and loads of fun.”

Kill Reality [E!]