Fox Reality will air killed series

The new Fox Reality Channel plans to air reality series that were pulled before the end of their runs. Among those shows: the controversial series Who’s Your Daddy, which was pulled in January after one episode, and CBS’s The Will, which also left the air after airing just one episode.

Fox Reality’s COO and GM David Lyle tells Media Life, “We already have some like ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ and ‘The Will,’ and we’re gathering others that didn’t complete their runs. We may band them together, [saying] ‘At last you can see the final episode.'”

The network is also planning new original series. Lyle says, “Originals will be an important part of the mix but I can’t say what percentage that will be. We will be doing a sort of world-of-reality review show. And then we’ll have one or two original series after that, but I don�t know yet what they’ll be.”

Media Life also reports that the network plans “to be in about 25 million homes one year from now,” and “to build its distribution to 30 million to 40 million homes, roughly the point at which national advertisers take notice.”

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