Imagine Entertainment, Halo creator, and FOX producing space simulator series X Quest

FOX is teaming with Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and the creator of Halo, Alexander Seropian, to produce X Quest, a series that will essentially be like a video game set in space.

According to Variety, on the show, “Two teams of ordinary folks with no special training are locked into separate, very cramped high-tech biocrafts designed to simulate life in space. Based on the same technology NASA uses to train its astronauts, the multimillion-dollar machines are built on a mechanism that allows them to tilt, shake and move like a spacecraft.”

FOX’s Mike Darnell said contestants will “live, breathe, eat and sleep inside these biocrafts for about 30 days. And it’s going to look to them and to the viewers like they’re in space. At no time will we break through the fourth wall.”

Variety says that the expensive series will involve “CGI technology in post-production to make the unscripted skein feel more like a summer blockbuster.” The paper says “players will be eliminated from the cast at what [Imagine’s David] Nevins called ‘irregular’ times. And at various points throughout their mission, the players will ‘be able to get off the ships’ — and step into elaborate simulations of planets, comets and asteroids.”

The show will air next summer.

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