Political consultant reality show Red/Blue wants “to find Karl Rove”

Showtime’s American Candidate may have bombed in the ratings, even after its epic history, but that isn’t stopping producers from pitching a new DC-set political reality show.

Red/Blue follows political consultants, divided by ideology, battling to prove they’re the best at manipulating and deceiving the public. Produced by Endemol’s True Entertainment and created by consultant Ken Smukler and his assistant Harry Cook, the series is shopping for a network.

Although the show’s producer says they’re “trying to find Karl Rove, without all the baggage,” the winner won’t get a position in the White House. Instead, they’ll get “$1 million to spend on a cause or candidate in the 2006 election,” according to the Washington Post.

Editors at DC’s Hotline will be “technical consultants”; its editor, Chuck Todd, tells the Post, “We’re going to make sure it’s grounded in political reality and that it doesn’t make a fool of itself in the political community and Washington.”

Reality TV Gets Political Spin In ‘Red/Blue’ Series Proposal [Washington Post]