Simon Cowell producing invention contest show

If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea that someone else made millions off of because you didn’t move your lazy ass and do something about it, Simon Cowell has a show for you. He’s producing The Million Dollar Idea for ABC, a contest that will find inventors pitching their ideas and competing for $1 million.

Auditions will feature a three-judge panel (wow, what an original idea!) who listen to idea pitches. Then, “nine finalists will be given seed money of $50,000 to develop their concept further. … The nine contestants will ultimately be narrowed down to three finalists, with viewers choosing the winner in a live finale broadcast,” Variety reports.

UK mogul Peter Jones came up with the idea for the show, and it’s produced by Simon Cowell and Idol producer Fremantle. Simon Cowell said, “We hope we’re going to create a product that will sell millions across America.” And, as Variety notes, both Simon “and Fremantle will have an ownership stake in the winning idea, much the way ‘Idol’ producers have a claim in the winner.”

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