Bravo’s Situation: Comedy debuts tonight

Bravo debuts another “Project”-like show tonight with Situation: Comedy, which avoids the Project title but which will essentially be Project Greenlight with two television pilots replacing a film. It debuts tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Created by Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, the show is, according to Bravo’s site, “a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the making of a sitcom pilot. Viewers go behind the scenes of national television as neophyte writers earn the opportunity to produce and sell a sitcom, but the eavesdropping audience will give the final thumbs-up by choosing the winning entry that will be broadcast on Bravo.”

The Chicago Tribune says the series “promises to be among the best of the various shows exploring backstage bare knuckles and bathos.” The LA Times calls the series “a tale of outsiders who suddenly become insiders — it’s interesting to see how fast they begin to see themselves as professionals — and have to learn to play well with others, and possibly to sacrifice their vision to what they are assured is necessary for success.” And The New York Times says the show “exposes some of the self-defeating principles of prime-time programming.”

Situation: Comedy [Bravo]