Is a houseguest blogging from inside Big Brother?

A cast member of Big Brother 6 is blogging from inside sequestration and the house, if his blog is to be believed.

TVgasm links to The Official Big Brother 6 Blog, featuring Michael Donnellan, which it heard about via a cryptic e.mail message.

The blog began on June 26, and then continued on to June 28, when “Michael Donnellan” wrote about being sequestered. One of the posts even includes an alleged “clue” attached to it by the producers; that clue is the number 13. He wrote, “I do not and have not had internet access since being sequesterated,” and said he “can’t actually see the blog or any comments that are posted.” He adds that he’s “the only houseguest with a blog,” but then tells us he’s skeptical: “(Which I’m telling you right now I don’t buy for one second, along with a lot of other stuff…that’s a post for another time. Dear Producers, I’m at times dopey, but I’m not stupid. Your friend, Michael)”

This is a show that is produced by major control freaks. Would they really allow someone to blog from inside the house? Would they censor some things and let him post that particular message? Would they continue to use Blogspot to host the blog? Are we falling victim to a hoax just by asking questions about this? Am I already getting sucked into this godforsaken show nearly two days before it begins?

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