Janelle pled guilty for DWI and petty theft

And we have our first Big Brother rap sheet from The Smoking Gun. (Do producers just hang out outside courtrooms to cast the show or what? Seriously, just look at all of them.)

Just two weeks before she entered the Big Brother 6 house, Janelle Pierzina “pleaded to the petty theft rap and was fined $982 and ordered to stay at least 100 yards from” Macy’s, where she took $400 worth of clothes. That was in December 2001.

Earlier, in August of 2000, she was arrested for drunk driving. According to The Smoking Gun, which has her mug shot, Janelle “pleaded in June 2002 to a misdemeanor DWI count and was hit with a 60-day suspended jail term, placed on a year’s probation, fined $1000, and directed to enroll in an alcohol education program.”

The funniest part: she basically never showed up for anything, from her court appearances to her alcohol education program. The Smoking Gun details her multiple failures to appear, including the bench warrants that were issued.

“Big Brother” Contestant Was Wanted Woman [The Smoking Gun]