Maggine nominates Kaysar and James; Ivette compares Kaysar to Osama bin Laden

On Saturday night’s episode of Big Brother 6, the tables turned again, as new head of household Maggie nominated James and Kaysar, essentially using Kaysar’s successful strategy against him.

On the feeds, Kaysar’s brilliant game play has led to some pretty harsh criticism from fellow houseguest Ivette. Ivette, you’ll recall, was blindsided by both the partner twist and Kaysar’s moves, so she isn’t exactly playing the game with all six of her brain cells. Her anger over his game play apparently led her to compare Iraq-born Kaysar to the world’s most notorious terrorist.

Talking to April, Ivette said,

“But didn’t Osama convince some people to fucking kill themselves for the sake of everybody? Well, what’s Kaysar…”

At that point, producers pulled the plug on the live feed. One of the good people at Joker’s Updates has posted video of her little speech, if you’d like to see it for yourself.

We’ll see whether or not this ends up on TV, or if it’ll remain hidden like the remarks made by Alison and Jun during Big Brother 4.

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Video of Ivettes Lovely comment in regards to Kaysar [Joker’s Updates]