Big Brother cast in alliances with people they know; cast members have profiles online

Big Brother 6‘s debut introduced us to the cast, and made us realize that, sadly, Julie Chen has learned nothing over the past five years. She did, however, reveal that the alliances are with people the house guests already knew, perhaps significant others or friends. Beyond that, the show was as wonderfully idiotic as always; if you’d like details, read TVGasm’s live blog.

While the debut told us who’s gay, who’s annoying, and who’s being targeted because of their skin color, there’s more to be found online. Some of Big Brother 6‘s cast members have apparently non-fake online presences, specifically on Friendster and MySpace. A reader sent along these profiles; if you find others, send them along.

On Friendster:

  • Beau, a gay guy who calls himself the “Mayor of South Beac” (sic) and has met Paris Hilton.
  • James, who apparently won’t be interesting until he gets drunk; he says he’s “rather boring. Actually… I am booooooooooooring. Except when Rick James comes out, you can thank tequilla and vodka for his appearances.”
  • Kaysar, whose profile can only been seen by “Friendster members to whom Kaysar is closely connected.” Alas, I am not one of those.

On MySpace:

  • Ivette, who likes reality TV and identifies herself as a lesbian.
  • James again, who “an never get enough Pearl Jam, or Eddie Vedder,” and who non-ironically writes, “if you’re a whinny little Socialist bitch more determined to shout louder and become irate at the idea that I’m right and your stupid.” Your stupid, all right.
  • Beau, again, who hasn’t really fleshed out his profile.
Surf’s Up in the Big Brother House! [TVGasm]
Beau, James, Kaysar [Friendster]
Ivette, James, Beau [MySpace]