Big Brother shows the near-fight, another near-fight, and the producers’ intervention

To their credit, the editors and producers of Big Brother 6 showed the full conflict between Michael and Eric, a portion of which web watchers saw online. It aired as part of Tuesday’s episode, which was briefly pre-empted for a white guy to elevate another white guy to an even higher position of power. (By the way: a crawl noted that CBS would put–the beginning? all? of–the episode on tonight because of the pre-emption.)

The most interesting part of the Big Brother 6 episode, though, was that shortly after what we saw on the feeds ended, a young-sounding producer addressed the cast over the PA system. Sounding desperate and not quite in control, the nameless producer said, “Everyone calm down. Everyone! Everyone! Eric! Eric! Come to the diary room right now. Michael, go to the storage room and wait.”

In a scene right out of Orwell, Rachel told us how relieved she was that Big Brother was there to come to the rescue: “Luckily, though, before anything else happened, Big Brother got everybody separated.”

Then, Kaysar and Ivette started talking, and Ivette told him, “You have no respect for women.” That prompted Kaysar to jump up and stand over her, grinding his jaw. Once again, the producer came to the rescue and separated his flock, hysterically separating everyone with specific instructions. “Everyone! Everyone! I need everyone to go to different places in the yard. Kaysar: hammock. Ivette: gym. Wait there.”

Then Big Brother lectured the whole house in the living room, warning them all, and piano accompaniment told us how serious this was. Everyone apologized, hugged and shook hands, and the show was rescued. Then it was on to another ridiculously complicated challenge.

Maybe in next week’s food challenge, in addition to beer and wine, the houseguests will be able to win crystal meth. That’d really pump up the show’s drama; just think how much more excitement there’d be if the houseguests didn’t have to sleep and just wanted to bang each other all day long.

(recap not yet online) [CBS]