Beau spotted last night on both MTV’s Made and The Cut

On a regular basis, kind readers write in to let me know about a D-list reality star showing up on TV, often on another reality show. A media whore does need to find work wherever he or she can. Since there are so many of these sightings, it usually doesn’t constitute news (a change in the status quo), so I only post about it if it’s funny.

But this morning I awoke to find my inbox literally overflowing with e.mail messages about a sighting from last night. Apparently, Big Brother 6‘s Beau made an appearance on MTV’s Made. He served as a personal shopper, and showed up with a tiny little dog and dressed the Made star in wild outfits.

One reader also saw Beau on CBS’ The Cut, Tommy Hilfiger’s Apprentice-like show. During a party on a yacht, Beau was apparently visible seated at a table.

I’m just going to ignore the fact that so many of you watch Made, and hide my surprise that anyone is watching The Cut, but all of this is still very strange. Was it just coincidence that he showed up on two different shows that aired on a single night while he was sequestered? Has he been in bit parts on other shows before he landed a real reality gig on Big Brother? Am I over-thinking all of this?

If you’d like to see Beau’s appearance on Made, the episode repeats today at 3 p.m. ET, tomorrow at 9, and Saturday at 1.

+ Update: TVgasm has screen caps of his two appearances.

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