Three best/worst American Idol DVDs will be released; Carrie Underwood becomes Hershey’s jingle singer

The best and worst of four American Idol seasons will be bundled together on three DVDs. “The Best of American Idol, Seasons 1-4” and “The Worst of American Idol, Seasons 1-4” will be joined by “a limited-edition set combining the two,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The three will be released Nov. 22. They’ll join the one existing Idol DVD, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar.

A FremantleMedia VP says the moments have yet to be selected: “There have been so many memorable moments during the course of the ‘American Idol’ series that it’s hard to select content for this DVD series. From some of the funniest auditions we’ve ever seen to the most inspiring performances, these DVDs will have it all.”

Meanwhile, American Idol 4 winner Carrie Underwood has sold her soul and will soon single the Hershey’s candy jingles in a new television campaign. E! reports that “[u]sing the newly minted star to sing the familiar jingles is intended to put a modern spin on an old favorite, according to Jay Cooper, Hershey’s vice president of U.S. chocolate brands.”

The lyrics she’ll sing are ones you know well, such as Almond Joy and Mounds’ joint jingle: “Sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don’t.” And who could forget Kit Kat’s “Give me a break!”?

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