UK Big Brother defended for its ” Big Brother “biblical values”; Australian version features full-frontal nudity

While we in the states wait for our sixth version of Big Brother to begin, two versions elsewhere in the world are generating controversy. In the UK, where the series was born, the head of Channel 4 “described the programme as a modern-day embodiment of biblical values,” BBC News reports. Those values, Andy Duncan said, are “honesty, integrity, constancy and kindness.” He also said,

“Tolerance and understanding of others–fundamental New Testament values–can only be built on knowledge and respect. Condemnation so often springs from ignorance and fear. Look beyond the shouting and swearing to the people themselves. There are positive values, transformatory experiences and examples of personal growth to be found. … Big Brother winners are all role models in their way, not only because over past series they’ve included ethnic minorities, a gay man, a transsexual as well as an evangelical Christian, but because in the final analysis viewers choose people whose values they identify with and admire. For many viewers they offer positive examples and practical inspiration for their own lives, and that’s something I’m certainly not ashamed of.”

At least he’s not presiding over the Australian version, where channel Ten is airing “Uncut” episodes that feature full frontal nudity and unbleeped language. And, the horror, kids might be watching. The special episodes air Mondays at 9:40 p.m., prompting criticism from “federal Liberal and National party backbenchers,” “family groups and women’s rights campaigners,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald. A network spokesperson said, “We appreciate that it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it does adhere to the code.”

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