Fox Reality exec says he didn’t call the Swan “worthless”

Fox Reality Channel’s David Lyle writes to reality blurred about comments he made about The Swan, as reported by the Calagary Sun. He corrects the record, noting that he didn’t say it was “worthless,” as he’s looking forward to seeing the follow-up segments. Lyle writes,

I swear I didn’t say The Swan was “a worthless piece of television”. I hope I would never be that pompous. I liked The Swan. It is true that sometimes we did turn them out to look like….err…well, lets be honest about those breast implants, hookers isn’t a million miles from the truth. The part that said I couldn’t wait to see them now is correct. I can’t wait to see how two years or more has changed the lives of the women who were in the first series of The Swan. I think it will be a fantastic chance to see if the people who put themselves through Reality TV makeovers get everything they think they will get. With The Swan, the creator, Nely Galan had whole lots of other makeover things going on that didn’t dwell exclusively with the physical and I will be fascinated to see how that self help side of the transformation has survived….or not.

God bless The Swan….never worthless.

The Swan will begin reairing–with the new footage–on Fox Reality Channel sometime this fall.

Swan producer calls the show “worthless,” says its cast “[looked] like cheap hookers” [reality blurred]