Landon’s penis gets a lot of attention.

Having previously earned attention for the contents of his shorts, The Real World Philadelphia‘s Landon is again facing scrutiny below the belt by the world. That’s in part because he’s now modeling for Wax underwear. One photo in particular, as TVgasm notes, “seems to be taking aim right at Abercrombie’s homoerotic nerve-center.” The size of Landon’s equipment has also raised questions, but blog Rod 2.0 talked to Wax president Dwayne Hein, who insisted, “There’s no air brushing on any of our images.”

Landon’s underwear shots aside, there are also two photos from the 2006 Sexiest Men and Women of Reality TV Calendar that blogger Just Jared provides to “help sustain the hype.” In them, Landon appears to be rather excited to be standing next to Manhunt‘s Kevin Peake. That, or he’s packed and ready, pushing his board shorts to their limit.

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