MTV confirms “that Key West is definitely a possible location” for next Real World.

As reality blurred first reported last week, The Real World Key West seems to be a go. Following up on my report from last week, the Key West Citizen got MTV publicity to admit “that Key West is definitely a possible location, but emphasized that no final decision has been made.” That’s a step up from the broader denial I got last week.

The New York Post also reported yesterday that “local real-estate Web sites began putting out word over the weekend that representatives of the show were seeking a large space, close to the beach, for the latest installment of the reality soap.” However, the Post doesn’t mention these sites.

I’ve also heard that pressure from MTV and local real estate companies, who are trying to make the sale, has kept local Key West media from reporting on this sooner. Plus, there’s our Deep Throat’s report that he was essentially told to shut up by local real estate agents. Threats and intimidation usually don’t come when there’s nothing going on.

Plus, guytv blog is already fake-casting the series, a sure sign that it’s all but a done deal.

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