Austin cast members were forced to buy their own liquor.

With just under a week to go until the debut of The Real World Austin, the AP looks at the new season and the series. Most of the revelations won’t be even remotely interesting to someone who’s been half-conscious of the series’ previous 15 seasons. There’s a batphone the cast has to call when they want to leave the house! There are cameras everywhere! Producers watch the cast on monitors! There’s a confessional! I started considering self-mutilation halfway through reading this because I was so bored. Clearly, it was too difficult for the AP to write a story different than the one it’s written fifteen other times.

The story does give us the lowdown about what happened on day one, which is vaguely informative since most of it probably won’t make it on TV. For example, producers kept cast members Rachel and Nehemiah riding around Austin on a trolley for two hours while the crew tried to fix a problem with lighting.

Likewise, we won’t see a producer say “Perfect!” when the cast announces it’s time to get liquored up, and a director tells them to “go explore” when they ask where they can buy alcohol. Not only did the director provide no help, he also told the cast to wait for 10 minutes, which probably prompted most of them to begin pouting and/or going through withdrawal.

Apparently, they eventually found their liquor, as two male cast members got into a fight with townies on their first night. And cast member Wes said in an earlier interview with News 8 Austin that the alcohol consumption was the source of the drama in the house: “I would say 95 percent, every single person in the house was best friends with each other, but 5 percent of the time with this environment and the amount of alcohol that was consumed, there was a lot of arguing and trash talking behind people’s back.”

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