American Eagle supplied clothes to Austin cast; “nymph” cast member talks about her experience.

If the cast The Real World Austin cast members look like they just walked off the set of a catalog photo shoot for a cheap imitation version of Abercrombie, there’s a reason: American Eagle is “the exclusive apparel sponsor of the Austin edition of the MTV reality series,” according to the Austin Business Journal, which reports that “American Eagle provided clothing for the seven cast members to wear during their stay in Austin and beyond.” (Previously, the company has previously sponsored three seasons of Road Rules and one Challenge.)

It’s unclear exactly what this means, though. The paper suggests there will be “a bit of uniformity in the cast”–which is presumably in addition to the usual uniformity. Does the cast really have to wear American Eagle all the time? What about when they’re showing off their extra nipples–or streaking?

I made up the nipples thing, but the streaking is for real: Cast member Melinda is doing advance PR that seems designed to reveal all of her naughtiness to those who might freak out when they see it. She tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she’s “a nymph” and the paper says we’ll “see her streaking–in the no-clothes sense–past her housemates and witness her playfully but lengthily kissing another woman while her male housemates look on in incredulous delight.”

Melinda notes that “sex was maybe 2 percent of it.” But she also says, “I’m 21 years old, and I enjoy sex.”

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