Trista out of Dancing with the Stars, despite shameless vote-whoring.

Trista Sutter became the first, um, “star” to go home on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Along with her dance partner, Louis van Amstel, she received the lowest number of votes, and was sent home.

This is despite her desperate campaign to win votes, which obviously failed. In an e.mail to friends last week, Trista begged them to vote for her, even arguing that they should liberally interpret the rules: “However, you will only be allowed to vote once per email address in that time frame. If you have more than one address and can make your vote online in those 6 days, I would LOVE it if you could.”

Why did she take such desperate, unethical measures? She writes, in part,

I know that everyone’s lives are busy these days, but I’m writing this to ask for your help because I would love to be able to continue on in the show for as long as possible so that I can perform what I’ve been rehearsing over the last month. It’s been a lot of fun (and has finally gotten me to work out again!), but the longer I’m in, the more fun I’ll have, and the more proud my partner will be, which I’m really hoping to accomplish. :)

All of that sounds a lot better than saying, “Please help me extend my 15 minutes for another few seconds; if not, I’ll punish you by selling the rights to the conception of my baby to ABC.”

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