Will Tina Wesson guest star on Lost?

Survivor Australia winner Tina Wesson has been cast in ABC’s hit drama Lost–that is, if an IMDB listing is to be believed. Tina will appear as a character named Alex Rousseau, according to the listing. Samuel L. Jackson is also listed as a second-season premiere guest star, which might add to the speculation that this is a hose job.

However, Tina may have actually already filmed a scene for Lost that aired. In the finale, someone from the cabin of a boat hurled a molotov cocktail at the raft, and screen captures of that quick moment show a woman who looks just like Tina. An astute poster at Reality TV World’s message boards suggested that it might be Tina late in May; the listing seems to confirm it.

Update: It’s a hose job after all. The New York Post’s Michael Star reports: “An ABC spokesman confirmed that the “Lost” credits for Jackson and Wesson were bogus.” TVtattle.com links to a Google Groups post where someone admits to adding the fake info.

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