Queer Eye shortens its name, will include “compelling personal stories.”

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is no more. But it has not been cancelled; it’s just been renamed Queer Eye. Why are they going all FedEx on us? Bravo’s president, Lauren Zalaznick, tells us in an NBC press release, which, like most press releases, needs translating. First, her original explanation:

“The new abbreviated title for the series is a nod to the show’s status in the world of pop culture. ‘Queer Eye’ has become part of our everyday vernacular.”

The translation: “We’ve completely run out of ideas, so now we’re changing our name. Will you please watch now?” Another possible translation: “We ran out of straight guys in the greater New York area, and we don’t want our title to be misleading.”

In addition to the name change, the series has “stepped things up a notch by focusing on compelling personal stories that will make this appointment television at its best,” Zalaznick says. The translation here is easy, because the examples provided show us that “compelling personal stories” means “we want to be like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Here are some of this season’s makeover subjects, according to the release:

* Hector, a war veteran injured in Iraq, who returns home and adjusts to life in a wheelchair.
* Paulo, a new father of two-year-old quintuplets.
* Gary, a cystic fibrosis survivor who, against the medical odds, is about to celebrate his 40th birthday with the help of good friend, Boomer Esiason.

This fun new season debuts June 7 at 10 p.m. ET.

‘Queer Eye’ Charges Into Season Three… [NBC press release]