Project Greenlight may return; Feast will be released in January.

Project Greenlight 3‘s horror/slasher/alien film Feast now has a release date: January 20, 2006. No word yet about how wide the release will be.

More significantly, the HBO-turned-Bravo series that gave birth to it may actually return. Chris Moore’s blog post at the end of the season said the series was probably over. But he tells Entertainment Weekly that “[Bravo] called me after the blog went up and said, ‘You know, Chris, we’re still thinking about it.'” But he’s pessimistic, adding, “All that means is right now, while everyone is paying attention, we don’t want to say we canceled it.” He says if the series returns, it’ll be changed somewhat. “I’m not saying Greenlight is dead forever, but the present configuration is over. I’m not the kind of person who has the balls to ask someone to pay for a TV show that no one watches.”

Too bad he’s not in charge of NBC.

“‘Greenlight’ gets mixed signals from Bravo” [Entertainment Weekly, June 10, 2005]