ice-skating celebrities, Bobby Trendy, wannabe music moguls get reality shows.

New reality shows are popping up everywhere. First up, the shameless copycats at FOX are copying ABC’s successful Dancing with the Stars with their Skating With Celebrities. Six episodes of the ice skating-themed show have been ordered by FOX reality dude Mike Darnell. He doesn’t even try to conceal his plagiarism, telling Variety, “If it’s interesting to see celebrities master ballroom dancing, it’s going to be incredibly interesting to see if they can master a double axel and a spin. Watching a celebrity try to master something this intricate is going to be compelling to watch. We expect a lot of falls and a lot of nerves.”

Knowing FOX, they’ll also hire Jeff Gillooly to coordinate the celebrity kneecap shattering.

Meanwhile, rumors that designer Bobby Trendy is getting his own TLC show have been confirmed by Boi From Troy, who says “Bobby tells us that his show, ‘Material World’ will begin airing on The Learning Channel starting July 15.” No word about the show’s content, except for BT’s promise that he’ll “take the gay movement back ten years!” Apparently, he missed Playing it Straight.

Finally, AOL is getting into the reality game–with two shows that’ll air exclusively online, free to everyone, not just the nitwits who still subscribe to AOL. The reality offering on the new is an Apprentice clone called The Biz, where “contestants compete to become a big music mogul,” according to the New York Daily News.

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