Inferno II’s Tonya and Landon hooked up, “Karamo faked his ousting.”

Apparently The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is a little more lax with its rules than its parent shows. For one, the cast now apparently openly interacts with the crew. Inferno II participant Dan Renzi blogs that one camera crew “had a lot of fun laughing at us when we acted stupid (which, again, was often). They were also really smart; we would sit around and do puzzles when things in the house were slow.”

The cast can also influence what ends up airing. Veronica–who isn’t participating in the Old School versus New School Challenge that’s currently taping–tells E!’s Kristin that “One person had a relationship that couldn’t be ruined at home, so it was protected. They’ve done that before, and it’s crazy, because I would never even think to ask them ‘Please don’t show this. I have a girlfriend, or boyfriend, at home, and that would ruin my relationship.'” Kristin discovered that “one of those hush-hush hook-ups was–hope you’re sitting down for this–Tonya and Landon.”

Veronica also told Kristin that “Karamo faked his ousting on the show,” which Kristin says “even the producers don’t know.” The details:

Veronica tells me he had to leave for personal reasons, so his teammates purposely voted him into ‘the Inferno’ (the elimination face-off) to give him an exit. As you may remember, Mike and Landon got into a bit of a pissing match over who would ‘battle’ Karamo that week, knowing full well that whoever did would win.”

Three episodes, and a reunion special, remain for The Inferno II.

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