Tommy Hilfiger’s The Cut debuts tonight.

Tommy Hilfiger launches his own reality line tonight with The Cut, which debuts at 9 p.m. ET with a 90-minute episode.

Those fearing it’s a Project Runway rip-off can rest easy. It’s actually a rip-off of The Apprentice. Hilfiger tells the AP that his series “isn’t just about designing clothes. This is about designing way beyond that.” Like Bravo’s show, the winner gets to design their own collection, but to prove that they have what it takes, the 16 contestants will compete in “grueling style assignments that test their talent, business acumen, sales and marketing expertise, social skills, resourcefulness and style IQs.”

Critics’ reactions are mixed. The New York Daily News’ David compares this series to others such as The Rebel Billionaire, and says it “may succeed where those others failed” because “there’s a polish to this show that many other reality series lack, and, as in the best of the genre, the competitors are well cast.” Comparing the series to The Apprentice, The LA Times’ Robert Lloyd argues that it “is an improvement on–or perhaps more accurately put, a relief from–its model in that Hilfiger’s taste, though it is not mine, is as many levels above Trump’s as his Tower has floors.” But The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan thinks that CBS “gets it spectacularly wrong” with this series, which features “would-be designers who perform drunken, gross stripteases.”

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