14 houseguests will inhabit new house for the Summer of Secrets

Besides the fact that the Big Brother 6 houseguests would be living in a brand-new, two-story house, we haven’t heard much about the new season, which kicks off next week. JAM! Showbiz’s John Powell, once again doing time on the Big Brother beat, talks to the overlord behind the whole operation and gets the scoop.

Among other things, there will be 14 houseguests this year — the largest number ever — and there will be four more cameras and 10 more mics to make sure every trashy thing they do is broadcast live to the world.

Producer Arnold Shapiro says they’re continuing with the tradition of themeing each season. He said, “This season we have what we are calling ‘The Summer of Secrets’ meaning that because it is a brand new house there will be multiple secrets uncovered throughout the summer that the HouseGuests will find.”

Maybe they’ll find the real Julie Chen, who’s been hidden away ever since she was replaced by that mechanical creature from Lost. (Actually, that’d be an improvement over what we have now: the creature is never seen and doesn’t really speak.)

While Shapiro wouldn’t say much more about the secrets or what will be revealed, he did step on a few rumors. For one, he said this won’t be an all-star cast. He also said that the show will be around for years and years to come: “I don’t think that CBS would have gone to all the expense of relocating us if they weren’t in it for the long haul.”

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