Big Brother’s summer secrets revealed

Variety has the scoop on what we can expect from Big Brother 6‘s “Summer of Secrets”. These revelations are all technically spoilers, since they reveal surprises in the game, so forge on only if you are strong and brave.

The biggest changes:

  • The winner might receive $1 million, up from $500,000. That increased prize money correlates to another twist: every player now has a secret partner. According to Variety, “each pair of players will be told they’re the only two participants coming into the house with a partner — even though there will actually be seven teams of two playing the game.” Producer Allison Grodner says that if they make it to the final two together, “the winner will get $1 million and the second-place person will get $250,000. It’s in their best interests to keep it a secret.”
  • Luckily for CBS, if those alliances crumble, the prize is lowered to $500,000, with second place receiving just $50,000.
  • The house itself has secrets: soon, “houseguests discover there are only 10 beds for the 14 of them. That’s because the new two-story house contains a secret bedroom.”
  • Those who go online to find out more about what’s happening inside the house might get more than just shots of the front of the new house. That’s beacuse “producers might allow each week’s ‘head of household’ to maintain a blog, likely via–a first for a network reality show,” Variety reports.
  • The house also contains “a full-sized gym” and a private bath for the HOH.
  • Finally, Julie Chen, no stranger to makeovers herself, isn’t being left out of all the makeovers. She’s getting a new studio to stand in.
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